The second piece I created for the 12of12x12 project, entitled Manufactured Majority, explores the roles policy, punishment and privilege play in maintaining power in spite of changing demographics in America. The numbers are very telling, American is a majority minority country, meaning there are more black and brown people than white people. When I see what’s happening with the tightening of the boarders and the mass incarceration of people of color, I can’t help but think that policy and punishment are key strategies to maintain existing power dynamics of White America.

Manufactured Majority

Bars & Barriers

This piece is made of Plexiglass and pine. The figures are generic in shape to represent the way in which people are generalized categories and stripped of the unique characteristics that make us human. The brown figures — mother and son — are behind a fence while the black male figure — designed to be larger than all the others — is trapped behind bars. Finally the white male figure — representing the traditional seat of power in America — exist with no barriers whatsoever.

Manufactured Majority, 2019

12” x 12” x 8”

Pine & Plexiglass

Edition of 12 + 2 AP

Available for purchase

Manufactured Majority

The layers of history

Positioning the elements in a layered manner reinforces the fact that the entrenched power has been build, or manufactured , throughout history.

Manufactured Majority

all lives matter?

Some will argue that this piece reinforces over-generalization and that not all white people are oppressors. While this is true, when each group is viewed through a lens of privilege, punishment or policy, we can see that those are applied or realized in a disproportionate fashion.

available for purchase

Part of the 12of12x12 experiment is to only produce an edition of 12 for sale. If I was creating and selling a single one, it would be priced at $750. Because I want to share this art and journey with a broader range of people, I am pricing this piece beginning at $200. But…here’s the catch: Each one is priced $45 more than the previous one. If you get the first Manufactured Majority (1/12), it will be $200. If you get the last Manufactured Majority (12/12) it will be $695 (still below the $750 original price).


added bonus

As an added bonus, each person who buys Manufactured Majority will receive one ticket to the VIP Cocktail Party the night before the Old North St. Louis House & Community Tour. The house tour is on May 11, and on the evening of May 10, we will host a private cocktail party in our new shipping container house. This VIP ticket will get you into the party the night before + full access to the Old North St. Louis House & Community Tour the following day. Value of the VIP ticket is $50.