This is America

This is the first piece I created for the 12of12x12 project. This is America conveys my frustration with gun obsession in the US and the lengths at which people will go to fight for the right to bear arms. As we continue to see stories of senseless violence juxtaposed with claims of America’s greatness, I can’t help but dwell on the fact that American is far from great — mostly due to a blinding lack of self-awareness as a nation. The US Constitution has amendments — modifications — but it is seen as unpatriotic to suggest a modification to the Second Amendment. How can I pledge allegiance to something that is unwilling to be changed? How can I pledge to follow when pain is in the wake? So this piece is meant to put America in the proper context, it is meant to highlight the painfully obvious prioritization of death over decency, rights over reform, liberties over life.


Our country ‘tis of thee

The piece is made of birch wood, Plexiglass, and 44 caliber bullets. These are live, unspent, rounds. I made a conscious choice to remove from the available inventory something intended for harm and redirect it toward something of aesthetic value.

This is American, 2019

23” x 17”

Birch, Plexiglass, Bullets

Edition of 12 + 2 AP

Available for purchase


confederacy of dunces

Replacing the stars with bullets illustrates the redirection of sovereignty. The NRA’s voice has more power these days than the voice of the people.


life, liberty and the pursuit of selfishness

I find is a bit ironic that the red in the flag represents blood that was shed to establish the republic. Today, blood continues to be shed as violence tears at the fabric of the country.

available for purchase

Part of the 12of12x12 experiment is to only produce an edition of 12 for sale. If I was creating and selling a single one, it would be priced at $750. Because I want to share this art and journey with a broader range of people, I am pricing this piece beginning at $200. But…here’s the catch: Each one is priced $45 more than the previous one. If you get the first This is America (1/12), it will be $200. If you get the last This is America (12/12) it will be $695 (still below the $750 original price).


added bonus

As an added bonus, each person who buys This is America will receive one ticket to the VIP Cocktail Party the night before the Old North St. Louis House & Community Tour. The house tour is on May 11, and on the evening of May 10, we will host a private cocktail party in our new shipping container house. This VIP ticket will get you into the party the night before + full access to the Old North St. Louis House & Community Tour the following day. Value of the VIP ticket is $50.